Pingster: The next BIG LEAP into photo sharing apps

Pingster is a revolutionary mobile web app that socially connects people using cell phones and GPS. Pingster is like a Google Maps for images and videos. Unlike Instagram and Snapchat, Pingster allows users to share photos by GPS location rather than a defined group of followers.

Take a photo and upload to Pingster. This moment is then captured forever and tied to that "Particular Spot" through GPS. Each spot on the Globe has the potential to have its own "Story" with your help. All Pingster users walking by that particular spot will be notified about your story. Much like location-based dating apps, Pingster identifies users by their GPS location and notifies them when photos are tied to a location nearby.

Currently we are inviting beta users to assist in populating the Pingster cloud prior to the App launch. In order to participate users need iphone.

Pingster Team

Nancy Shone


CEO Nancy Shone has worn many hats in her life: wife, mother, engineer, business development manager, video production specialist, and entrepreneur. Nancy has taken a little something from every career and built upon it. Today, she is the owner of her own multi-media, digital marketing firm and now the CEO and founder of Pingster.

Her experience in video production and years of extensive background in design were the cornerstones from which the concept of Pingster developed. Always looking for a better idea and easier way of doing things, Nancy took her frustrations with Instagram and Facebook and began to develop the nascent concept of Pingster. She wanted an app that allowed everyone their moment in the sun, and leveled the playing field when it came to social channel photo-sharing. According to Nancy, “With Pingster everyone becomes an influencer.”

Nancy lives with her husband, three children, and one rather loud and chatty Siamese that thinks it’s a dog.

Paras Kaushal

Mobile App Development

Paras is the chief designer and GPS creator of Pingster. This international architect prefers to chew on projects that others look upon with dread. The more complex, the better, according to Paras. This inventor and originator was able to put together a cloud-based, GPS, social sharing platform for images and videos, in half the time it would take most teams to develop an app of this magnitude.

An engineer that likes to keep his head in the clouds, Paras continues to upgrade his skills through study and on-the-job innovation. According to Paras, the future is mobile and apps that make people’s everyday lives easier. “I wanted to work on Pingster because it was a challenge. I looked at the requirements and knew that we were onto something really special that I had to be a part of.”

According to the other members of the team, Paras is actually AI that came into self-awareness.

Michal Balazi

Web Development

Michal is a developer with a vision. His life-long interest in technology has led him to work on diverse projects all over the globe. As a web developer and usability specialist, Michal has been able to build a portfolio that contains some of the top brands in the world within it. From Mercedes Benz to Pingster, Michael has left his mark, creating websites that are both unique and usable.

According to Michal, good software is intuitive and solves problems. His choice to work on Pingster was based off of his own vision for social sharing and being able to provide unique value, “We wanted to incorporate that best elements of a product like Google Maps and Instagram, but also invite in fun and mystery.”

Michal is a father of two children and husband to a wife that he describes as “his muse.”

Zoe Thomas

Content Manager and Marketing Maven

Zoe has worked in public relations and marketing for most of her career. She has recently completed a Broadway play that is tentatively scheduled for Fall-Winter 2018 and has a fantasy novel coming out in February.

Her participation in Pingster is based upon a love of “firsts” and “unique concepts.” Working on Pingster allows her to be in on the ground floor of what she believes is a “social sharing revolution and something that will be a lot of fun.”

Zoe lives with her lovely children and giant dogs in the middle of rural Southern America.

Ovi Liuta

Server manager

Ovi Liuta is a computer server expert that reminds us daily of the importance of security. As a systems development cloud expert, his job is to ensure that everyone's identity is protected and that their data is secure.

This brilliant father is a perfect fit for our team because he loves taking photos with his young son as they explore nature together.