There is a global obsession with mobile photography and photo-sharing. Purely based on statistics alone, we can say that most of us are out there sharing photos through text messages, Facebook, Instagram, and various other social tools. Sharing photos is a way of communicating experiences without writing a long essay. Images are for the most part self-explanatory. Photo sharing apps exist primarily because of the age-old expression, “One picture is worth a thousand words.” We don’t have to tell everyone about our trip to Italy in detail, we can post photos. Thanks to mobile photography we can take photos at any time; capture any moment. Photo sharing is our way of taking those moments and delivering them to the world in a way that defies words.

The Paradox of Instagram

Most of us join social networks to network and grow our reach. Unfortunately, unless you were an early adopter, a huge celebrity, or have a savvy social media team to help you expand that reach chances are you probably aren’t going to get very far on social channels like Instagram or Facebook. The gaining of followers and influence is paradoxical: you get followers by having followers. So what can an Instagram of Facebook newcomer expect? Very little from these channels and that is based on a design that mimics the superficiality of modern life.

But what if you could find a way to share photos with the world, view photos from other people, and grow networks without being rich, beautiful, or popular already?

The Power of Pingster

Pingster is the only photo-sharing channel that creates connections based on location, rather than popularity. That means that anyone can upload a photo with the potential to be seen by everyone in that network. Take a trip to Rome and upload photos at the Coliseum or at the tiny restaurant you got lunch at. Anyone with Pingster on their phone can view those photos simply by walking or driving into the area that the photo was taken or by searching on that particular location. Visit Hawaii and share your day at the beach using Pingster. Other people planning a trip to Hawaii will be able to tap into those photos when looking for their own vacation destination.

What makes Pingster even more exciting is that people who enjoy your photos can reach out and message you to ask about the location or photo. You have now made a new social connection based on nothing more than being in the “right place” at the right time.

Having Fun with Pingster

When we were designing our app, we realized quickly that people would come up with their own ideas on how to use the tool. Here is a partial list of the suggestions people came up with in our team meetings:

  • Instant Advertising-- A restaurant takes photos of the daily special so that everyone on Pingster who comes within the vicinity can view it
  • Scavenger hunts and geocaching-Take pictures of items or locations and upload them. Players must find the items or mimic the pictures based on clues
  • Big Year—Taking photos of the birds associated with your geographical region for the American Birding Association
  • Mardi Gras and other Parades—Share real time live events with the world
  • Send informal messages to the world—take a picture holding a sign and let people know what’s on your mind

There are so many different ways to interact with the app and other users and without the popularity restrictions of Instagram and Facebook and we’re certain our enterprising users will think of more.

The Positivity of Pingster

Lastly, we knew we wanted to find a way to not only develop social connections without the popularity contests of other apps but without the bullying and trolling that seem to go hand-in- hand with social channels. Because Pingster is location-based it is nearly impossible to chase and harass people based off of profiles or hashtags. That means people can feel free to upload photos without the fear of being belittled or critiqued by strangers. We designed our app to avoid those pitfalls, thus making it a safe and enjoyable playground for those who love mobile photography and photo-sharing.