What is Pingster?

Pingster is an exciting new app with unlimited potential for users, businesses, and brands alike to demonstrate their value in a visual way. Unlike Instagram and other photo and video sharing apps, visibility isn’t tied to popularity or hashtags. Pingster is based off of geolocating technology that delivers and attaches photos to a particular location and then sorts them based on time of upload and the amount of likes the photo received. That means that the average person has just as much opportunity to have their photographs seen by the public as a Kardashian and a small business is able to compete at the same level as a corporate giant.

Disrupting Conventional Thinking

Most social apps today are a giant popularity contest. In order for an author, photographer, small business or even an individual to receive attention for their posts they must achieve a level of popularity that is difficult to come by without excessive amounts of free time, real-life connections, or the money to buy influence and followers. Pingster operates by location and timestamps, versus profile. The Pingster feed is not based on people or businesses the user chooses to follow but their location. As someone takes a hike, walks through a campus, visits Disney World, or even walks past a restaurant they will receive notifications that there are photos and comments about that spot. It is an app that is both equalizing from a social standpoint and also advantageous for businesses to develop the type of visual campaigns that can influence customers to walk through their doors.

Pingster is Story-Telling of a Different Kind

Our app is unique in that it encourages interaction based off of a shared experience. Users who walk past a spot where a photo was uploaded will be notified that there is something to see in that spot. At that point they can choose to view the picture and share in the experience of the person who was there before them. This creates endless potential for art, conversation, and advertising:

  • A restaurant posts a tantalizing picture of their daily special
  • A bird watcher uploads a photo of a rare bird sighted in the area
  • A salon demonstrates its stylists with photos of customers with gorgeous looking hair
  • A gaming group uses photos attached to a location to develop mystery and chase games
  • A couple becomes engaged at a historic site and saves the moment forever in photographic posterity

With each photo users have an opportunity to connect and share in a way that is visual, meaningful, and safe. The lack of associated social profiles allows each app user to choose how they present themselves to the world. A shy person who maintains an interest in photography is able to share just that aspect of their life with others, whereas a more social person or business can choose to attach their own image to a spot.

Your story, your vision, your app.

What This Means for Investors

Pingster was developed for users of all kinds. It can be used in one fashion by the hobby photographer and another by a pizza sub shop business. We have brand-new ideas on how to montetize the app very different than the current standard mobile app sponsored ad method. In order to develop the type of capital to roll out Pingster correctly, we are selling common stock shares to the corporation.

Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat were all once considered to be irrelevant next to Facebook and Twitter. Why would someone need Instagram when they can share photos on Facebook? Why do you need to share a ten second video when there is YouTube? Not everyone could see the potential of these apps to grow to the giants they are now. We are on the verge of The Next Big Thing and your one-time support can help us take our business to the next level and potentially secure for your business permanent advertising.

We have already built and tested the beta version of our app, performed a Deep Dive Survey to determine if there is a market, and have pre-loaded the app with photos in the New England region. We are looking for businesses and investors with the vision to see the apps potential to deliver amazing social results. Join us in this next photo revolution.